Much more than telephony

  • Experience crystal-clear clear calls on your smartphone, tablet or computer, to over 300 countries worldwide
  • All data packages are secured using AES 128-bit encryption and 80-bit HMAC-SHA1 message authentication
  • Firewall Savvy - Connect across companies via your browser
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Access from mobile or desktop

How it works picture 2 Our team is specialized in revolutionary communication and elegant design. XCoinCall helps you start a conversation by bringing together communication channels and devices into a single, user-friendly experience.

How it works picture 3 Worldwide Communications Talk More & Pay less.

We offer an affordable, easy way to call internationally. Our customers can experience crystal-clear calls using smartphones, tablets or computers, to over 300 countries worldwide. Moreover, we offer the lowest possible rates, using the latest technology!

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Much more than Telephony

We offer a great solution with your WebRTC line. Just check out our low call rates to mobiles and land lines!

WebRTC is an API definition drafted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that supports browser-to-browser audio, video and data transmissions over UDP without plugins. WebRTC-compatible implementations are provided for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera by their own development teams, and for all other web and native platforms by XCoinCall.

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Communication without Compromise In business and friendships the key is to build relationships. It all starts with a conversation.

We take pride in easing the process of communication, no matter the distance or the device.

Making a deposit

1. Deposit a value

You can pay with:

  • Bitcoin, Litecoin - you can use the QR scanner to scan the QR code in order to make a deposit, or you can copy and paste it
  • CoinBase Wallet - pay with your CoinBase wallet account
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2. Account balance

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Here you can see:

  • Your total deposits
  • Your total expenses
  • Your current balance

Web call

1. Your address book

Here you can do:

  • Add a new contact
  • Search in your contacts
  • Edit or Delete contact
  • Call using address book
  • Echo IVR / Voice test
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2. Manual input number

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You can easily enter your destination number using dial pad/ keyboard and press the call button.

Calling Card

For using the “Calling Card” service, you need to call one of our local access numbers. Calling this access number will cost you the same as calling any number from that area code.

Your card code will be necessary for the validation. You will find it bellow after confirming your account password. After we verified the calling card code, you will be prompted to the destination phone number.

Making cheap international long distance calls is that simple!

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Call to map

"Call to map"is the fastest solution to call internationally. There is no need to enter a calling card or a destination number, you just have to register your phone number in the caller ID section, call a local number and you are connected everywhere in the world!

We give you a list of local phone numbers for you to map them to your own contact list, one local number paired with one specific contact.

Click “Save changes” button and start calling! As simple as that!

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Direct Dialing

The “Direct Calling” service offers you the possibility to tap out the destination phone number if your caller ID has been already defined.

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If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask us!