XCoinCall’s mission is to connect the World by the principles of the Open Internet.


We dream of a world where Bitcoins are the main currency. Considering this, we’ve built our service to work by Bitcoin's principles: freedom of payment, no hidden charges, privacy protection, transparency, very low fees and fraud protection.

Company Overview

We are a startup company with big dreams and a dedicated team of professionals. We won’t stop until we deliver the most convenient way to make long distance calls.

As a Company, we firmly believe that the Internet is a major asset for all of us. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teacher, a YouTube personality or a major corporation; everyone benefits from the Web.

We are very aware that the Internet is constantly under threat by some parties that are trying to gain profit through some unseemly manners. We kept in mind the best interest of Internet users worldwide from day one and we will never change this perspective.